What we do

Below is brief idea of capabilities and services we can roll out for your recruitment company. Should you wish to receive more information with regard to any of the below i.e. the syllabus for any of the training courses please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form.

Sourcing & lead generation

  • Automation & web-scraping
  • Market research
  • Training on all the above

Training & development

  • CRM software subject matter expertise (3 Levels)
    • Operator/Manager/Instructor
  • Recruitment skills

Webinar hosting & video content

  • CRM software new releases and updates
  • Record and edit bespoke training videos for new hires

Public speaking

  • CV workshops
  • Career advice
  • Webinars & conferences

Database management

  • Database migration after-care
  • .csv uploads
  • SQL query
  • Data integrity and error correction

GDPR & legal compliance

  • Policies & procedure writing
  • Data principal replacement & responsibility hand-over
  • FAA emergency first aid at work (delivered by SPEAR Search and Rescue)

Sales enablement

  • Process improvement
  • Playbook writing
  • Bottleneck identification & relief

Internship programme

  • Bespoke internship programme creation
  • Hiring, on-boarding and tasking