Blu refers to the stasis organisations find themselves, in search for green; where work produced is sourced from renewable, sustainable and non-polluting sources. It is the embodiment of marginal gains, the small incremental innovations in any process adding up to a significant improvement when added together.

“Everybody loves innovation, nobody likes change.”

From an outsiders perspective Executive Search can be seen as an archaic version of recruitment evocative of legal firms, where their names are the surnames of the partners who formed it. Their processes, practices and business models are as established as their branding, with little room for deviation.

“…this is of course not the case.”

Having worked over a decade within the recruitment industry, predominantly the executive search sector, this is of course not the case. The high value:low volume business model allows for a more considered approach to a clients human capital conundrum.

A business environment ripe for continuous improvement, business process automation, sales enablement, technology strategy, data management and legal compliance… environments in which Blusearch Ltd can proffer.

Mission statement

If Blusearch can affect change in the way executive search companies operate, this will invariably improve the way they do business and in turn challenge their clients to enhance their human capital perspective.